PBP Executive Reports Reviews

Business executives and managers have purchased more than 52,700 reports since PBP Executive Reports launched in 2007. Here are their reviews:


I like the variety of subjects, the initial summary and the specific detailed points that follow. The editors appear to appreciate a person’s time.

Mark Yingling
Peabody Energy


I was working with a difficult employee at the time I ordered it. The report is quick, has great writing, and understanding of the topic. It helped me get the message to that employee.  Helps find a resolution to talking to an employee without getting into trouble with discrimination.

Barbara Stockhausen
Smadas, LLP


Good approach to the difficult problem. A follow-direction way of coaching managers. Have management read this one.

Martin J. Thompson
V.P. human resources
Bar-S Foods Co.


Realistic concepts that supervisors may ACTUALLY use! This document provides easy to use, practical ideas that can be used by even the most non-confrontational supervisor. The tips allow the tentative supervisor to think through the employee discussion in a simple, step-by-step process so they feel well prepared and confident.

Carol Stevens
Human Resource Representative
NorthStar Cooperative, Inc.


I was delighted when I received my new PBP quick-read comprehensive I-9 Guide. Unbelievably it came on the exact day that I received a notice from the Department of Labor that they were coming to audit my company’s I-9’s.

Anne Meyer
Director of HR
Dassault FalconJet


Great information, provided in a succinct, easily digestible format.

Donald Watkins
Open System Sciences


Good informational stuff for HR professionals.

Nina Clarkson
Client Service Manager
Employers Resource Management


Informative subjects that clarify internal employee issues and enhance management knowledge.

David Stetz
Vice President
Contract Callers, Inc


These are good quick read summaries that provide useful the key elements of the topic to aid an experienced manager rethink their style. With limited time to read, these reports provide the critical information without all of the extraneous and repeated information of a business book.

Curtis Stutzman
World Link, Inc.


Information that is succinct and directly applicable to the specific area of interest.

Karen Nash
Director of Human Resources


Informative, concise, yet very informative. Easy to read and understand and also a good refresher!

Susan M. J. Brader
Vice President/Owner
BHI Corp.


Point blank solutions to point blank problems.

Allen Jones
State Farm


Very good and informative. Current Information, easily accessible and reasonably priced. The decision hence to purchase what you need is quick.

Aliya Kazmi Gray
Manager – Human Resources
Corning, Inc.


It has made gathering information for employees, members and directors simple and quick.

Mary Ellen Litzau
Chief Corporate Officer
Denver Community Credit Union


A good professional development tool for executives. Quick read and straight forward!

Jack Bambrick
Johnston City Community Unit School District #1


Excellent information. Best practices.

Zell Long
Chief Professional Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of North Mississippi


The reports are extremely well done and give us a tool to keep administrative staff up-to-date with solid tips and good counsel. Two thumbs up!

Charles Chrestman
Robeson Community College


Excellent! I have learned an immense amount from the subject matters presented.

Myron Lofton
Greater St. Louis Area Council
Boy Scouts of America


Good information, at a reasonable cost.

Charles Murphy
Boston Interactive



Patricia Aguilar
Administrative Services Director
Northwest Fire District


Excellent information condensed in a format that cuts out unnecessary fluff and bullet-points what is really important. It is easily and quickly read as well as a great training tool to use with your team.

Kellie Moeller
Director of Sales & Marketing
CRISTA Senior Living


Good information to aid in your support staff’s development.

Joanne Stadnik
Executive Director
North Clinic


Good source of supporting documentation and examples.

Forrest Richardson
Safety Division Director
Fit for Work


It is a quick review of techniques you can use to manage and lead.

Julie Gutierrez-Farley
Director of Solutions Architecture
Key Information Systems, Inc.


Easy to use and good information.

Michael Ortega
HR/Safety Director
Modyne Machining & Mfg.


A very favorable experience.

Ted Comstock
Site Safety Manager
WG Yates


Informative, helpful, concise.

Thomas Blomquist
Curtis Screw Company


THe PBP Executive Reports that we have purchased are concise and full of valuable information. We use these reports as training tools for our Technical Sales Consultants, to assist with tweaking their skillsets.

Nancy Barnett
Industrial Maintenance Solutions, Inc.


Good, brief, useful information and worth the money!

Laura Polk
Corporate Support Training Manager


Great information when you’re least expecting it.

Nancy Spiker
Clear Mountain Bank


A quick read yet very informative and full of easy to use tips & suggestions.

Aimee Dietrich



Karen Bailor
Human Resources Officer
Steuben Trust Company


Concise, informative, effective.

Duncan Myers
Regional Sales Manager
Highfield Mfg.


Very insightful and useful information for executives.

Caroline Adamson
Head of Staff Training and Development
Nation Publishing Co. Limited


I found the information contained in the report very useful and I was able to use as a teaching/sharing tool for others.

Danon Dupree
Safety Supervisor Safety and Industrial Hygiene
DTE Energy


Quick, easy to read, efficient use of my time.

Marcel den Hartog
Marketing Director / Culture Champion
CA Technologies


The reports are on topic and very easy to read. They are full of good information.

Christopher Ashcraft
Franchise Owner
Express Employment Professionals


Very concise, well written, very direct and informative, extremely helpful.

Florence Northcutt
Board Member
The Howland Cultural Center


I’m a proficient Excel user, but always eager to improve my skill set. I was skeptical about whether your ‘Excel: 101+ Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts’ report would be worthwhile to me, but your full satisfaction guarantee convinced me to try it. Downloading the PDF, I had a printout of my purchase within minutes, and was delighted to find that it was well-organized and concise (making it an easy-to-use reference tool), and it included many techniques I didn’t already know and which I was able to use that day, immediately improving my productivity. This purchase was well worth the modest investment. Thank you, Executive Reports, for a terrific product that definitely overdelivers! I’ll be ordering more from you in the future.

Name Withheld by Request


PBP Executive Reports publishes detailed reports with great up-to-date information, tips and suggestions. I have purchased many reports over the years and have used them when training managers and other staff.

Myla Dutton
Executive Director
Community Action Services and Food Bank


Good information in concise format. A great review for those who have experience perfect for new managers.

Sheryl Scali
Property Manager
Cushman & Wakefield


Very informative, great reading material to assist with managing and educating my sales team.

Tim LaBruyere
VP Business Development
Supreme Services


Valuable information in a concise and easy-to-read format.

Selvin Hobbs
Regional Sales Manager
International Paper


Efficient & professional.

Bryan Merdler
Director, Quality Control
Fleurchem, Inc.


Your Reports offer to-the-point suggestions with regards to many board structure questions that people have and the best way to implement ideas that boards already have decided on.

Antonio Centeno Jr.
Chair of Board of Directors
Bronx Community Pride Center


Great information that really enhances your management skills.

Jeanette Grant
Executive Officer
Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership


Quick, blunt and easy to comprehend, it cuts through the BS and uses no HR jargon.

John Walker
Advertising Manager
Ludington Daily News


Concise information, good directions on what to do and when in the hiring process.

Barbara Stockhausen
Co-owner Franchisee
H&R Block


Has some innovative suggestions and good point of view from employer standpoint I have not thought of before.

Sarah Freund
Office Manager
Sierra Ventures


The information was laid out in a very concise manner making it easy to follow and refer back to specific points. It was also very eye opening – how many times did I say, Wow, we do that?

Donna Pace
Manager – Marketing Services
Wales-Darby, Inc


I was impressed by the amount of useful information in a very easy to read format. You can put the information in this report into play immediately.

Patty Brownlee
Executive/Human Resources Administrator
Weight Watchers of Palm Beach County, Inc.


The most impressive part of the report is the manner in which the material was presented and the way there was encouragement to think out of the box when looking at potential candidates. The report has been shared with several members of our management staff with highlighted sections on those areas that may be relevant to examine more closely to incorporate into our interviewing/recruiting process.

Gary Willis
Vice-President, Operations
Mott Children’s Health Center


Best short read on the subject I’ve seen available. Practical application that can be utilized immediately.

Kevin C. Snyder
Director of Human Resources
W.P. & R.S. Mars Company


Offered the latest techniques in cold-calling in a more modern society.

Matthew Calfa
Major Account Executive
T-Mobile USA, Inc.


For a manager who has many levels of employees, jobs can be tailored to suit the individuals and this report would have been exceedingly helpful for that.

Alisa Murchek
Associate Director of Nursing
University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago


The explanations of the different behavioral strengths and types will help you understand the way certain people react to an event/issue.

Brenda Polzin
Human Resource Manager
Carex Health Brands


The report provides clear actionable information that is to the point and practical that I could share with the rest of my executive team.

Richard Duane
Director of Human Resources
Detroit Zoological Society


Clarity of the concepts; good flow; applicability to hiring process as well as for ongoing supervision and coaching.

Pat Cundiff
Vice-President Direct Services
United Way of Greater Kansas City


Information I never heard about. It was very informative.

Joann Snyder
Acct Assoc
The Club at Nevillewood


It is well worth the price and includes useful, timely information for compliance.

Sherrie Yellico
Accounting Manager
United Car Care, Inc.


The format was easy to read and well laid out. It’s a quick reference guide for what you need to know.

Jennifer Hunt
Accounting Manager
Tug Hill Construction, Inc.


It is a very good ‘Cliff Notes’ to 1099’s.

Joanne Marcou
Marketing Accountant
IMI Resort Marketing


Best Practices, updates and informative to stay abreast and updated with current IRS changes.

Joanne Rembert
AP Supervisor


Quick read but with enough details to be useful. I liked that it wasn’t specific to one industry but can be adapted to the reader’s situation.

Katherine Saville
Human Resources
Intertape Polymer Corp


Straightforward, easy read and worth their time.

Wayman Aldridge, CIH
Lead EHS Engineer
Intersil Corporation


It was presented in good format. Concise and to the point. Good overall coverage.  It would be best to recommend this to someone new to the business. Someone who needed brushing up on statistics.

Michael Waldorf
Director of Human Resources
Master Spas, Inc


A good resource for explaining FLSA issues to managers.

Rosemarie Foreman
Director, Compensation and Benefits
Central DuPage Hospital


It is a very precise overview of complicated employment laws written in a very user-friendly format (so that it is easily understandable).

Kim Studebaker
Human Resources Manager
National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges


Easy Language and good examples.  It doesn’t answer everything but it’s the best explanation I’ve seen.

Jack D’Angelo
Comptroller/Director of Personnel
The Storm King School


Easy to read and understand, well worth the money.

Robert Brown
HR Manager
Right Management


Worth the money and effort. Lawyer-speak reduced to ‘easy to get the message’ and still had regulation back up.

Greg Metcalf
Safety Manager
The RMS Group


The information was laid out in a very concise manner making it easy to follow and refer back to specific points.

Donna Pace
Marketing Services Mgr.
Wales-Darby, Inc.