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What and how to document 3 key situations

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Document, Document, Document: What Every Manager Needs to Know About Tracking Performance and Problems Time-strapped managers often wear several different hats in the course of a busy day. With all the responsibilities there are to juggle, it’s just natural for some tasks to slide to the back burner. But there’s one responsibility … [Read More...]

Unlocking the secret to which fringe benefits are taxable

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Fringe Benefits: What’s Taxable, What’s Not In the realm of employer-provided benefits, few areas are as complicated as fringe benefits. For as many different types of fringe benefits as there are, IRS has just as many reporting rules and regulations that affect them, depending on the benefit given, whether or not the person it’s … [Read More...]

What makes a new manager successful?

Excerpted from the Executive Report: New Manager’s Guide to Leadership and Success OK, you’re the new manager, and now you’re faced with decisions about people (maybe including some who used to be co-workers), strategies, day-to-day operations and many more unfolding problems and issues that will become obvious only after you’re knee-deep in the job. How can anyone … [Read More...]

Target prospects to secure major gifts

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Getting to Yes! The 7 Secrets to Securing Major Gifts Securing major gifts is an art and a science. Incorporating the art of listening with the science of study are the trademarks of successful fund development. Solicitation is a process and its key is preparation. Talented development professionals have a process that promotes … [Read More...]

Don’t become an NLRB target: Keys to handling social media

Excerpted from the Executive Report: The New Social Media Headache: Getting in Trouble with the NLRB Social media now represents one of the biggest new legal nightmares for employers. Mishandle a situation, and it can become a nightmare that grows worse and worse. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will aggressively protect the rights of workers – and punish … [Read More...]

Keys to success: Keep safety training from being a flop

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Why Safety Training Fails: What You Can Do to Fix It There are many reasons safety training fails to achieve its goals. Here are a few of them: • It’s not learner-friendly. • The way safety training is delivered runs counter to modern principles of adult learning. • Ineffective delivery of safety training lectures. • There is … [Read More...]

Cultivate Your Brand Through Networking

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Spread Your Brand: Becoming a Master Networker Networking is a lot like exercise: Everyone knows they should do it, but many people claim they just don’t have the time. The comparisons don’t stop there: Just like exercise, networking is critical to the health of your career. It’s something career development experts say you should … [Read More...]

Customer loyalty: How to keep them coming back for more

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Service After the Sale: 37 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty For every 10 new customers who walk in the door, seven will probably walk out and never come back. And it doesn’t matter if that “door” is actually a phone call, email or online inquiry. That’s how many customers will only ever be first-time customers. Companies want to … [Read More...]

Save money: Employment laws that don’t have to cost you

Excerpted from the Executive Report: 23 Employment Laws That Can Save You Money In many companies, HR is the department that’s always saying, “No, you can’t do that.” Whenever HR people start citing specific employment laws, Finance and other top executives only think: “How much is that going to cost me?” HR often becomes known inside organizations as a big spender – … [Read More...]

Keys to Accurate Cash Flow Forecasting

Excerpted from the Executive Report: Cash Flow Forecasting: Guide for Producing More Accurate Reports Cash flow forecasting is one of the most basic – but also one of the most difficult – responsibilities of CFOs and Controllers, the people in charge of shepherding their companies’ finances. CEOs and other senior managers look to the top ranks of Finance people to … [Read More...]